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Posted: June 11th, 2020, by admin

| Agriculture.

Article on the topic.

In the middle of the harvest, Who stole my tractor ?

This theft stinks Bauer Thul, such as fresh cow dung! As the farmer in the morning to the barn is the tractor.

With 180 pigs Crash with animal Transporter Loaded .

Blaufelden – A with nearly 180 pigs loaded animal Transporter crash in Blaufelden (Kreis Schwäbisch Hall) .

Farmers-Posse in Norderstedt Sex prohibition in the Cornfield.

A strange shield irritated on the outskirts of Norderstedt. It prohibits Sex in the tall Grass. IMAGE white, who set up the birds-terrible .

Due To Corona! Area farmers get the potato crisis.

Corona crashes in our area-farmers in a real potato crisis. Why? Why? Why?

The IMAGE explains the backgrounds.

Animal rights activists are sounding the Alarm, thousands of fawns from combine harvesters killed.

In Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, every year, about 26 000 fawns from combine harvesters killed. Drones to prevent this in the future .

Preacher now salad-engraver From the Altar to the field.

Last Radu Alin Lacatus was still in a Church in Romania, with a reading from the gospel. Now he stands on a box in Ronnenberg.

Death trap mower Oleh Bakhmatyuk hedgehog in the ICU.

For hedgehogs, you are a lethal danger: the mower! Elisabeth Hüller (67) takes care of injured animals. The IMAGE has visited.

Million damage to farm in flames.

In the case of a fire in the district of Schaumburg, a loss of about one Million euros, according to initial estimates, created.

A Person injured in a horse barn in flames.

In Losheim was destroyed on Tuesday evening, a wooden building in case of fire .

Farmer, President of the “dryness makes us more Worried than Corona!”

Even if it has recently rained a little bit: Saxony floors are dust-dry. To the chagrin of farmers and foresters.

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