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GE & Samsung’s Collaboration brings the Spotlight back to Korea’s Smart Grid Industry

Posted: May 26th, 2010, by Yunho Chung

Samsung and the world’s largest conglomerate GE (General Electrics) are joining hands in the field of smart grid, and beginning a “Pilot Project” in the premise of technology research and business development.

Smart grid has currently been drawing the focus of the world’s IT industries. It revolutionizes the electricity provider relations to its consumers into a two-way communication that makes the allocation and utilization of energy much more efficient. Smart grid can also incorporate the use of solar and wind energy into the electrical system, which further adds to its attractiveness in part of the green technology schema.

Korea’s Accelerating Smart Grid Power Supply Outlook

Korea’s smart grid market has deemed very promising. The “2010 Global Smart Grid Forum” was successfully hosted in Seoul on January 20, where the President of the American Smart Grid Association, Guido Bartles ceaselessly spoke of the fast development of Korea’s smart grid industry, which has been much due to the readily competitive ICT and infra in Korea. He commented that “This is possible due to the strong infrastructure set by KEPCO (Korea Electric Power Corporation); the cooperative relations between the Korean government, industries, and universities; and Korea’s unparallel internet broadband speed.” Furthermore, the Korean government has been vigorously pushing for smart grid development as part of the 2008 Green Energy project.

However, though the current usage of smart grid in Korea had begun effectively since 2000, it had been mostly limited to higher voltage areas such as factories, buildings and apartments.

Homeowner / Retail Customer Premise

With this joint collaboration between Samsung and GE, Korea’s smart grid market is expected to further infiltrate into lower voltage appliances such as air conditioners, lighting and television. “Smart home appliances” will be one of the focus projects in this joint collaboration, as Samsung is in charge of a substantial home appliance development division. Samsung and GE both expect a win-win situation with this deal, as GE has been seeking to expand its smart grid industry into Europe and other regions, and Samsung believes that this deal will help them improve their technical sophistication and also be helpful for their future advancement into the U.S. smart grid market. Furthermore, this deal has created a positive buzz for the smart grid related companies in Korea, who are growingly seeing the promising future of smart grid and Korea.

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