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Samsung brings 3D into your living room

Posted: April 15th, 2010, by Yunho Chung

Since Samsung Electronics release the world’s first Full HD 3D LED TV on February 25th, there has been explosive responses worldwide. Over the past 6 weeks, Samsung’s 3D TV has reached 10,000 in domestic sales, which means that 245 sets have been sold daily,  and just announced that it is expanding its production number from 2 million to 3 million as demands have been higher that expected.

Samsung has applied the ‘2D → 3D converting technology’ that allows the viewers to watch all programs in 3D with a click of the remote. It has a ‘real black filter’ to add shaded depths to bright areas of the scene to give a more dimensional figure. Furthermore, viewers can adjust amongst the 10 levels of the 3D effect. It has higher definition, with a slimmer design of 23.9mm, and is price competitive compared to the existing LED TV model.

Since its launching events in Europe, US, Latin America, and the CIS a month ago as, Samsung is leading a 3D TV fever with its global marketing strategy. Orders have been flooding, that Samsung 3D TV exports had to be shortly delayed.

In Manhattan’s Samsung 3D TV launching event, director of ‘Avatar’ James Cameron showed up and praised Samsung as “Beautiful and a business leader of the TV industry that has brought the 3D entertainment from theaters into our everyday homes.”

ESPN, Sogeocable, SBS have already gained 3D broadcasting rights for the 2010 South Africa Worldcup, which is expected to further boost demand for 3D TVs.


3D is expanding into major motion pictures, animation, home entertainment, concerts, sporting events, broadcasting television, advertising & smartphones. It is clear that the 3D industry is now never like the shows you saw in theme parks with the disposable blue& red glasses. 3D entertainment is not going to be a circus that leaves when the novelty is gone. It is here to stay and Korea is no way a trivial player in this field.

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