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Korea takes on 3D Conversion in Hollywood

Posted: April 13th, 2010, by Yunho Chung

Since the Avatar blow, the 3D industry that had been making steady growth is now in full blow. It is undeniable that this 3D phenomenon is here to stay. Not only are movies shot in 3D, but 2D movies are being converted into 3D (even past blockbusters can make a 3D comeback), and furthermore 3D panel TVs are selling like hot cakes. Korea has definitely not been shy in this growing 3D market, and I am going to introduce two key players (one S/W and one H/W respectively) in this industry: 3D content conversion company Stereo Pictures Korea and later this week the Samsung Full HD 3D LCD TV.

Stereo Pictures Korea (SPK)

Currently at work on Warner Brothers “Cats& Dogs 2″ scheduled for worldwide release coming July, this 3D content conversion company from Korea stands competitive amongst other companies in Hollywood, such as In-three and Prime Focus.


SPK’s competitive edge is in their “superior quality, fair pricing and efficiency.” With their advanced “Dynamic 3D” software, they range around an average of $5 million for each movie conversion, and with a time efficiency of 7:3 compared to some other converting firms in the US, SPK sells and delivers.


Tsui Hark, a Hong Kong filmmaker, who had been particularly impressed by a 3D conversion portion of the movie “300,” personally made a visit to SPK a month ago, in plans to convert his upcoming movie into 3D. SPK has also talked with Paramount, Fox, MGM and is expecting to obtain at least 10 more orders this year.

SPK had further opened its LA branch in December 2007 for marketing and development, and has former Warner executives James R. Miller and Dan Romanelli as corresponding managing and senior partners.


SPK’s business has positive outlook. With the growing demand for 3D, filmmakers now see the advantages of 3D converting compared to shooting in 3D. Filming in 3D from inception showed limitations when filming extensive landscapes and projecting fully three dimensional pictures when CG and actual images are combined. With SPK’s Dynamic 3D technology, and 3D converting & retouching engineers, the contour, depth and volume are adjusted to bring the directors vision into live. SPK is currently on a hiring spree in plans to hire around 3000 more employees by this September to meet the growing demand of conversion orders.

Keep up with Koreaninsight for the next issue on the Samsung Full HD 3D LCD TV.

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83 Responses to Korea takes on 3D Conversion in Hollywood

  1. 3D film maker

    There is a US based company called BSAT Labs llc ( that does excellent 2D to 3D conversion work. They are very affordable and their quality is fantastic. I recently visited a screening of their work and I was amazed at high level of quality!!!

  2. Yunho Chung

    BSAT Labs is great. I am just trying to show that Stereo Pictures Korea has been very competitive and expanding at a rapid pace, and that it is quite impressive for a Korean company to be able make its way amongs others in Hollywood.

  3. 3D doctor

    Stereo Pictures has something that sets them apart from other conversion companies though, James Miller. Have you seen this guys track record, President of Business Affairs at Warner and he has created some of the most famous film deals in the history of the studio’s. I am heard him speak in Korea this week, and the guy is an absolute genius who has all the connections needed to make Stereo Pictures become the biggest conversion company around. Also, you can’t compare BSAT Labs with Stereo Pictures, its like comparing a Ferrari to a Hyundai. It is quite obvious once you have viewed both companies work that Stereo Pictures is far better in quality than BSAT Labs and you cannot compare to Stereo Pictures prices.

  4. academy award winner

    Actually, the best newcomer is inner-D in Los Angeles. I just saw their private demo and they appear to have reinvented stereoscopic conversion entirely. They are doing it in a way no one else is and the results are truly breathtaking…no headaches! And, apparently, they are quoting prices similar to what this article is…which is 1/2 of Prime Focus or Legend. One of my crewmembers has seen the Korean tests btw, and they weren’t even as good as a low end vendor like BSAT. So I think the 3d doctor post above is just a company plant of some kind. For what it’s worth, inner-D appears to be the one to watch.

  5. Avatar Creator

    Definately bookmarking this one =)

  6. 3D film maker

    lets see korea pictures was not able to complete Cats and dogs, Warner handed the project to other 3D conversion place - still it was terrible. Inner-D did Piranha and we all the know what the critics have to say about piranha - terrible!

  7. radio in america

    BSAT Labs is great. I am just trying to show that Stereo Pictures Korea has been very competitive and expanding at a rapid pace, and that it is quite impressive for a Korean company to be able make its way amongs others in Hollywood.

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