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Digital Convergence Business in Korea 2010

Posted: March 16th, 2010, by Yunho Chung

If someone asks me what kind of words can intrigue you a lot I won’t hesitate to say the word “Convergence”. It has long been a hot topic in various industries such as Media, IT, and Telecom and has always been around us.

A month ago I took a lecture on digital convergence in a college and I was surprised that most students had a quite good understanding of converged services saying IPTV, VoIP, and DMB(Mobile TV). What they knew is not about terms like media convergence, IT convergence, etc. What they understood is the changes driven by convergence. They know that they can watch territorial TV programs on their cell phones and TVs through broadband, which didn’t exist when they were in junior high. So what I did in the class is to show them how the changes have occurred and new changes will occur.

Below is a snapshot of the convergence history and trend in Korea that we are experiencing nowadays.

In Korea, convergence between different industries has become essential for companies to create new markets and to increase their profit margin as most markets have matured. So there are new types of businesses coming to market.

Source: Digital Convergence Research


Below is the ppt that I used in a class. If you want to know more about digital convergence business in Korea you can take a look at it.

Digital Convergence Business in Korea 2010

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