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Korean broadband speed is 15 years ahead USA

Posted: September 4th, 2009, by admin

According to the Communications Workers of America, the Korean internet speed is the state of the art. The average US speed is 5.1Mbps, compared with 20.4Mbps in South Korea. With an average increase of 1.6 Mbps in 2 years, it will take 15 years to be on par with the speed Koreans enjoy currently.

In the video below, the organization emphasizes the need of governmental leading. Korea initiates such national plans in the early 2000’s and some success factors are exportable. Contact me to know more.

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9 Responses to Korean broadband speed is 15 years ahead USA

  1. Linda

    Thank you so much for all the information. These will surely be a great help.

  2. Dan Fry

    the UK speed is way way behind!

  3. Yunho

    Well but Korea is quite poor on web 2.0~

  4. Psyknx

    Im from the Netherlands and everyone I know has 20+ mb internet. I have 50 myself.

    I would cry if I had 5MB.. No more downloading + gaming D:!

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