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Google Korea launched new search services, “Topic search” and “Q&A search”

Posted: April 2nd, 2009, by Yunho Chung

Google Korea is taking another step further back from its “the simper the better” strategy in efforts to better serve the Korean users’ taste. Last week, Google Korea launched its revamped search engine services featured by “Topic search” and “Q&A search”.

“Topic search” is a search engine service that utilizes a semantic search technique to analyze the meanings of words included in users’ contexts and provide user-tailored search results categorized by topics to users. As you can see below, when you types 아르헨티나(Argentina), which only works in Korean, in Google Korea search page it shows a “Topics search results for Argentina” section besides “Universal search” that adds news, images, videos, books and local results. The topic results of “Argentina” would help users who don’t know much about Argentina find out more things about the country.

“Q&A search” is a different service to Google Q&A that has been retired. The “Q&A search” section displays questions and answers related to users’ key words by aggregating Q&A recourses from other websites except those who restrict content distribution. It would be a great tool for users to find answers to their questions or curiosities when compared with other closed Q&A services.


Translated Google Korea page:

After the launch of its “universal search” in the Korean market in 2008 Google Korea started embarking on a localization project to reflect Korean users’ patterns and needs in its web search system. These types of web search services, however, were launched several years ago by the Korean major web portals such as “Naver” and “Daum”, which have more than 90% search market share. So, it might be seen to Korean users that Google is just trying to mimic Korean sites. But, it doesn’t mean that Google is taking a wrong way since previous foreign web search providers who withdrew from Korea were reluctant to develop a new user-interface to best suit Korean users. I think Google’s different approach to the Korean search market would be quite interesting for Korean users who are alreay familiar with these kinds of web search systems.


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